How Will Be Life For The Healthcare System After COVID-19

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How Will Be Life For The Healthcare System After Covid 19
A lot of things in our lives have recently become different, who thought that we could live like this in 2020? As we move past lockdown, everything about our lives will change as soon as this ends. The way we move and travel, shop and the way we interact with one another will shift. And we would have to live and evolve with this change.

What changes did COVID-19 bring to the healthcare system?

Now that the COVID-19 has shown the many defaults in the healthcare system around the world, it can be said and hoped that the health care system would have to improve and be better than the way it was before. So, here are the changes that COVID-19 has made to the healthcare system.

1. Finance

In the financial aspect, the COVID-19 has shown that the healthcare system needs to be better financed by the government whether they like it or not. This period has made the government transfer more funds than they can imagine to the healthcare system to prevent it from breaking down completely and to help with the provision of the ventilators for its patients. Some of them might have incurred some debts trying to ensure that the healthcare system was comfortable enough to admit more patients and take care of them. Finance is also going to go to the scientists who work on diseases. These scientists have work harder to find solutions and cures for the pandemic. And this would require the use of some equipment and various chemicals. COVID-19 has proved to the world that it needs to improve its facilities and pump more funds into the healthcare system to provide stability in the health sector.

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2. Emergence and Encouragement of Telehealth

Telehealth has been growing in popularity and use in the last couple of months and has continued to improve workers’ convenience and reduce costs. The pandemic has required a sustained demand for telehealth and it is slowly and gradually being accepted by the healthcare system to prevent the spread of diseases and avoid using overworked staff to attend to patients. Telehealth also reduces the healthcare costs for patients because they do not have to consider the expenses involved. Telehealth can also be very useful in places where there is a shortage of healthcare personnel.

3. Having the right equipment

The pandemic has shown the hole that most hospitals don’t have the right and up-to-date equipment due to budget constraints and the equipment cannot be used or managed properly and effectively. So, hospitals have now been forced to update their equipment and machinery. Having the right equipment will go a long way in the healthcare system and improve the quality of results that will be gotten. The dedication of doctors and nurses helping to fight this battle has shown that the hospital staff needs to be paid better. There should be an increase in the salaries of the health personnel because they risk their lives to save others.

How would this affect our lives?

The prime minister of the United Kingdom made sure to send his gratitude to Jenny McGee and Luis Pitarma, the two nurses that took care of him while he was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at St Thomas’. What was baffling was that neither of the nurses was born in the United Kingdom. This simply means that the international nurses have proven their worth and shown how important and valuable they are to the healthcare system. It also shows that international nurses are filling the gap that the local and home-trained nurses have left open.

What does this mean for the immigration of nurses?

This period has shown how important and necessary the immigration of not only nurses but doctors are. Also, this would help to close the wide gap in the nursing sector, especially in the United Kingdom.

In discussing immigration, we would have to talk about International Healthcare Visas. The COVID-19 has affected the visa application process and is probably going to change the game for the process.

Now that everything has to go virtual for the safety of everyone, it makes one wonder how visa application processes would take place. Although skype interviews can now be held for the other categories. For example, entry clearance visa interviews, the government seems to be taking its time in introducing it to the populace. It is very unlikely that the government would accept the skype interviews alone because the applicants need to provide their biometrics.

This doesn’t say that new innovations cannot be introduced, there could be new measures that would be put in place to allow the process to continue freely. But they have to note that this procedure is a faster way of processing visas.

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Are there changes that would be made to the Immigration system?

At the rate at which this COVID-19 is going, there would have to be immediate changes to be made to the immigration system. For example, certain visa restrictions have to be lifted. Nurses that are already working that needs to renew their visa during this period have had their visas extended. The immigration process during this period now depends on online activities and this has allowed the process to be sped up even more.


The COVID-19 attack has open the eyes of the world to see where we lack in the healthcare system and how we could improve on it. The health sector is very important in every country and when this sector is done, the whole country is down. Therefore, the need to release funds to improve the healthcare system of the countries in the world is a very crucial matter. Improved machinery needs to be provided, Equipment for laboratory tests are also needed and then, hospitals need to be renovated and conducive for their patients. Although this pandemic has taken away lots of lives, it has also made countries realize how much improvement is needed for the next phase we are entering. Countries need to buckle their shoes, fasten their belts, and prepare for what is to come.


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