The Benefits Of Using Healthcare Recruiting Agencies In Manchester

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Benefits Healthcare Recruiting Agencies Manchester

Getting a new job isn’t a simple task for anyone, especially in the healthcare industry. Regardless of whether you are job searching to start a new career, or if you are applying to a vacancy for a position that you have years of experience in, finding the right job for you can exhaust plenty of your assets and time. For what reason would you want to do that when a healthcare recruitment agency is willing to do it for you, free of charge?

When you sign up to a healthcare recruitment agency in Manchester, you can apply for any job you want in the health industry, and once interviewed, the agency will recommend you to teams and business owners who need staff to do the job of your dreams.

Healthcare recruiting agencies in Manchester are not an exception, and it’s a great place to start searching for a job in the health industry. Manchester is home to over 50 healthcare recruiting agencies which makes it a perfect city for the individuals who are hoping to assume a vocation for medicinal services.

The occupations are boundless. Healthcare recruiting agencies in Manchester cover everything from NHS to private institutions. Finding a perfect job, in which you fit impeccably on account of your unique set of skills, can’t get any simpler!

Jobs You Can Find In A Healthcare Recruiting Agency From Manchester

There are heaps of professions and employment in this fragment which you can assume with pay rates that change depending upon the job.

These healthcare recruiting agencies often offer payments that range from £10 to £20+ per hour. The professions incorporate anything from clinical to non-clinical and research centre staff. Manchester is furthermore notable for its progressed mental health services. Therefore, healthcare recruiting agencies in Manchester offer more job opportunities and make way for callings in managerial jobs.

Top 3 Most Popular Jobs From Healthcare Recruiting Agencies in Manchester

A speech and language therapist

This role is quite an exciting career. It is also the most requested job at healthcare recruiting agencies. Not only you’re doing your community service at its best, but you’re also helping people who are at their most vulnerable. You will be making a change by helping those who cannot communicate, as a result of some sort of cancer, or due to their learning difficulties.

To become a speech and language therapist, you’ll need a degree. There’s a wide range of courses that would suit each section prerequisite. Later on, you may decide to have practical experience in any area of work, such as instructing – helping individuals with gulping troubles and learning incapacities.

Speech and language therapists work the standard hours at NHS. That’s around 37 hours a week. They may also work evenings and weekends to serve private clients. The jobs offered at all healthcare recruiting agencies often pay £16 to £19 per hour.

A staff nurse

NHS and private foundations are continually searching for eager medical attendants. This job is the second most requested at healthcare recruiting agencies. You will be arranging and giving clinical help to individuals experiencing any disease. It is a philanthropic work wherein you find the opportunity to work among a group of expert staff.

To become a medical caretaker, you should get a nursing degree. There are four specialities: Grown-ups, kids, individuals with learning difficulties and psychological well-being nursing activities. The courses are a blend of casual and functional encounters. A nursing course regularly takes three years until completion.

The average weekly salary for a nurse working at the NHS in 2020 is £642. Shifts vary between earlies, lates and long days, taking into consideration the service’s status and needs. A nurse working in any healthcare institution will work either three 12-hour shifts, five 8-hour shifts or around the clock.

A porter

This job doesn’t require any degree, yet it is in high demand from both NHS and private institutions according to the healthcare recruiting agencies. The porter’s role consists of helping ill patients move between hospital wards as well as moving medical supplies and expensive equipment. A porter is additionally liable for cleaning the wards and the removal of risky materials.

There are no entry requirements, no degrees, nothing. All you need to have is a cheerful character and the willingness to help patients as well as the medical staff. Porters often sit for an interview and health examination before they start working. The employer provides them with uniforms and protective clothing.

Porters in the NHS receive an approximate salary of £12,517 annually. They usually work for 39 hours a week and get paid for overtime and shifts. These shifts include evenings, late nights and even weekends.

The Effect of The COVID-19 Pandemic on Healthcare Jobs

Hardly any months back, researchers and specialists worldwide have been celebrating the New Year’s Eve with high hopes of discoveries. What they didn’t know is that on the 30th of January, 2020, the Covid-19 was proclaimed as a global health emergency. The coronavirus threat demolished Economies and took millions of lives across the globe.

Now with the pandemic getting slowly under control, the demand in health industry jobs is growing like never before. Worldwide experts expect employment opportunities to grow by 18% between 2016 and 2026. According to healthcare recruiting agencies in Manchester, the new doctor’s market is also improving.

Newly graduated doctors and healthcare staff are in huge demand. There are plenty of new job positions offered across the UK, and candidates can practice wherever they want to.

The critical importance of the healthcare industry during such times brought a wide gap that needs to be covered. There’s a high demand for healthcare staff; however, a low supply (Especially for nursing).


If you’re a job seeker in the health industry, our healthcare recruiting agency in Manchester would surely build your odds of finding a new line of work that fulfils your necessities. Vacancies for employment in this niche are boundless, and they continue becoming, because of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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